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About Me

“It's not what you look at that matters,

it's what you see.
                                                                     ~  Henry David Thoreau






Thank you for your interest in visiting this site, and learning more about Windhorse Movement Options and the various ways I might be able to offer you support on your unique journey toward feeling and functioning better.

My own journey has been filled with much support, help, guidance, and teaching from others; as well as a lot of study, research, inquiry, experimentation, curiosity, perseverance, and stumbling blocks of my own.

For over 30 years, I have been deeply rooted in a holistic foundation that has integrated a broad range of modalities from the fields of movement and dance, health and wellness, and mental health. These include:

  • somatic/mind-body, and expressive art modalities
  • mental health and behavioral change
  • contemporary neuropsychology
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • bodywork and energy healing
  • transformative organizational theory and practice
  • whole-food nutrition, exercise, and wellness coaching

I earned both my BA and MA in Somatic and Holistic Health and Wellness Education, focusing both on movement and change for individuals and for organizations.


 I am a Certified Hakomi Body-Centered Therapist;   

with additional training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, 

a body-centered treatment for trauma.


I am also a Certified Holistic Wellness/Health Coach;

as a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition,

  with additional training in holistic lifestyle coaching through the Chek Institute.


As a body-centered practitioner,
I have a comprehensive understanding of the quality of attention required for real change to occur, and to be sustainable. 

Much of this understanding is a result of integrating many years of study and practice with a personal journey of healing and transformation that includes improving and managing a chronic health condition for over 20 years.

I believe this integration of personal and professional exploration, learning, and healing provides unique insight, and a rich resonance with the challenges my clients face day to day in their lives and work.

I work with individuals, both privately and in groups, who are ready to facilitate changes in their health and their lives, to feel and function well, and want some good help to do so.

I have served many populations of people, including children, seniors, people living with a variety of chronic physical and mental illnesses, healthcare professionals and students, and those simply seeking greater effectiveness and satisfaction in their lives, health, and work.
These include a variety of modalities, workshops, programs and presentations within university, hospital, community, conference, worship, and private settings.


  My practice specializes in Self-Care Support for Care Providers:
those who spend a good portion of their lives tending to the needs and 'Big Life Moments' of others.

Utilizing Hakomi experiential psychotherapy and wellness coaching, I am particularly oriented toward the personal and professional nourishment of care providers in these areas:


particularly those currently challenged with
a chronic health concern of their own,
and/or ongoing family caretaking responsibilities.



 challenged by high stress work environments,
compassion fatigue, and lives that feel out of balance.



 facing chronic health, compassion fatigue,
 and work/life balance concerns.


I serve working professionals as well as graduate students preparing to enter these fields. I also provide practice supervision support to those pursuing certification in the Hakomi method. Please see pages for Hakomi, Coaching, and
Somatic Self-Study for Therapists
, for further information.

I also create workplace and corporate programs that are tailored to the particular needs of the organization. They may be large or small groups; single, one-time events, or a series of classes or workshops; and can include opportunities for individuals to receive personalized support.


Please contact me to

  • inquire about available group offerings,
  • or receive my monthly newsletter.


[email protected]