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About My Clients
  “What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”                                   ~ Tony Robbins      


Are you living with a chronic health issue that diminishes your 

sense of well-being and quality of life?



Do  you struggle with balancing the needs of others 

with your own wellness and self-care needs?



Do you work in a role where you spend much time taking care of others?

Regardless of the venue, the vocation of caring for others, particularly through the seminal, transitional, and milestone moments of our lives, can leave us at a loss for energy and resources to take good care of ourselves.

If this is you, and your body-mind-spirit is beginning, or persisting,
to give you messages of need for self-tending, I can help you learn to listen and respond in a new way.    

My practice specializes in helping those who
tend to the 'Big Life Moments' of others:


particularly those currently challenged with
a chronic health concern,
or with ongoing caretaking responsibilities.

As mothers we are so oriented toward taking care of others,
paying attention to ourselves and our own needs with regard to our personal well-being and self-care doesn't often get much air time;
especially if we are also juggling professional, additional familial,
and other responsibilities.

This re-orientation back to self can be a challenging transition,
and can be made easier through a combination of
compassionate support and effective tools.

As the mother of two grown children, I understand
the challenges of navigating these waters.


 challenged by high stress work environments,
compassion fatigue, and lives that feel out of balance.

Whatever our age or gender, those of us who work professionally to support others struggling with health or life challenges, don't often find a lot of room in our lives to really take excellent care of ourselves.

Yet this commitment to mindful attention and action is precisely what we need in order to maintain our vitality over time, and be authentic-- body, mind, and spirit-- in our efforts to teach and support others to do so for themselves and their loved ones.


 facing chronic health, compassion fatigue,
and work/life balance concerns.

Like the importance of spiritual mentoring for pastoral care professionals, support in tending to the highest well-being of our body-mind opens access to a fuller range of experiences, needs, and messages vital to the lives we are living.

This more fully whole experience of ourselves provides us vital resiliency and breadth in our ongoing spiritual support of individuals, families, and communities we serve.

Through Your Individualized Integrative Lifestyle Transformation Program, I’ll support you to

  • Redirect positive attention and energy back to you
  • Receive personal attention and guidance specific to your unique situation
  • Listen more deeply to messages from your body, experience, and intuition
  • Connect to and trust your body’s wisdom of what is right for you
  • Identify and better understand beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Transform these barriers into new resources for effective, sustainable new health and life strategies
  • Prioritize and cultivate a whole-person (body, mind, & spirit) self-care practice that nourishes you, so you can continue to support others
  • Create the changes you seek with more ease and success
  • Reap the benefits of greater confidence and satisfaction in your body, relationships, work, play, and transitions 

If you are struggling with

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia
  • Metabolic Syndrome - Diabetes / Heart Disease
  • Disorders of Digestion and Elimination
  • Auto Immune / Arthritis / Allergy
  • Stress Disorders / Depression / Anxiety
  • Obesity / Compulsive Eating Behaviors
  • Other chronic / lifestyle related conditions… 

You can feel better and stay that way, by learning to

  • Understand, reduce, and manage stress
  • Ease chronic symptoms
  • Lose unwanted weight without struggle
  • Increase energy, vitality, fitness, mobility, resilience, concentration
  • Nurture your relationship with yourself
  • Cultivate healthier relationships with food, your body, your loved ones
  • Feel happier and enjoy your life more fully  



In addition to my private practice, I currently provide
individual and group Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching and education
to graduate students at Princeton Theological Seminary.

If you would like to bring an Integrative Lifestyle Transformation program to your healthcare, workplace, educational, or other organization, to facilitate and support wellness efforts for your employees or community members, please contact me.

As for individuals, these programs are collaborative, and tailored
to the vision and needs of the organization.



“Don’t use the past as an excuse to miss out on your future.”
                    ~ Alan Cohen




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