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Integrative Lifestyle Transformation

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

                  ~  Anais Nin

What is Integrative Lifestyle Transformation?

Integrative Lifestyle Transformation refers to an intentional process of growth and change that involves and benefits your whole self. The concept of wellness is rooted in this whole-person perspective.  

True wellness requires the participation of our whole selves—thoughts, beliefs, feelings, physical activity and vitality, inspiration and creativity, relationships and interdependence, safety, spiritual development, meaningful work, wholesome nourishing foods…

When any, or many, of these aspects of our lives are undernourished or over stressed, our well-being is compromised. In our complex world it is virtually inevitable that we will wake up one day and ask our self how we got where we are finding our self.  

Whether it be

  • overweight and out of shape
  • facing the challenges of a chronic health issue
  • in a job or relationship that feels unsatisfying
  • feeling bored, alone, frustrated
  • or some other version of struggling to feel your best

it is often overwhelming to know where or how to get started in a new direction.

Integrative Lifestyle Transformation is a collaborative self-discovery process, designed to assist you in getting started on a more satisfying path.

Integrative Lifestyle Transformation is a process that will help you better understand the inter-related choices and habits that got you where you are; and help you discover a more nourishing path of choices and habits that will help you feel and function better, in the ways you desire.




Integrative Lifestyle Transformation will look different for each person.

  • we begin right where you are
  • we identify what you desire to learn and change
  • we explore from a variety of methodologies and modalities,


·         learn more about what may be getting in your way

·         transform these barriers, and

·         open up new pathways to a way of being in your life that feels more satisfying.


The primary modalities of exploration we use are

  • Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy- The Hakomi Method is a gentle, yet profound, mindfulness-based, experiential method for self-reflection, learning, and transformation. It allows for new, compassionate options for cultivating self-understanding and satisfying change in our lives, lifestyle choices, and health.
  • Wellness/Health Coaching. Coaching provides the kind of consistent, action oriented support that helps cultivate new choices; transforms these new choices into new habits, and new habits into success and satisfaction, for the long term. 

Within, and adjunct to these, we may include educational and experiential resources and practices, such as

  • nutrition instruction
  • exercise and movement
  • mindfulness and stress management practices
  • expressive art
  • bodywork and energy healing

Bring your Whole Self on board. True Wellness requires it.

If you’re curious about how you might move beyond well-known limitations and embrace new possibilities…  
with compassion, gentleness, and greater effectiveness…              
I look forward to hearing from you.


Please contact me to schedule your




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